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I am so glad our paths have met! I am a young intuitive that strives to be the most compassionate and honest intuitive on here! VERY ACCURATE.

Hello, I'm Alicia Lynn. Thank you so much for visiting my profile. Most people describe me as compassionate, positive, intuitive, and free-spirited person. Since I was a young child I have been very intuitive. I began reading about spirituality at the age of 9 and I have been very "in touch" with spirit since my first spiritual encounter. In a session with you, I would first try to connect our energies and I will consciously open my chakras. Then I will reflect on the question you may have using my intuitive insight or on occasion, I may use tarot for guidance. I may not connect with everyone and in that case, I would advise you to go to one of our other experts here. I am not trying to waste your money here. I am doing this for you and as a way for me to be more consciously spiritually open in my life instead of closing off my energies. We are both taking a step toward fulfilling our paths in this life. I am an old soul in a young body. More about me and my life: I grew up in Indiana and had a tough upbringing. Most of my childhood was spent counseling my mother during troubled times. During hardship, I turned to God and prayed, especially when spirits would try to get my attention. Through a lot of prayer, I was able to get through many emotionally challenging situations. I have always felt connected to spirit and the other side. I often have very precognitive dreams. For example, I have had my half sister's father come into one that showed he had died, which turned out he had died that day. Spirits have tried communicating with me in the past, but it is something I have little interest in due to the many negative experiences I have encountered. I might change my opinion on this depending on how I feel. When I was 5, my bed was literally shaken to get my attention if this says anything. Sometimes the darkness of this world tries to diminish any light that you may have in your soul, which is why I stay away from dark things and enclose a field of protection around me. I say a prayer before every session that the highest good comes to both of us from our encounter. Another thing I do is astral traveling, where I come "out of my body" at night or during the day and explore different places. It's quite amazing! I have been unable to do this whenever I want, but perhaps that is in the future. I sometimes have certain visions when I am very open and in-tune. It can be really random, but I'm working on getting it fine-tuned. I have REALLY good intuitive impressions about things and their outcomes. I hear this from my sister, friends, and family all of the time. Everyone comes to me for advice. When they don't take it, they will say, "Alicia, I should have listened to your advice. You were right on!" I am looking forward to speaking with you! Sincerely, Alicia Lynn as Compassionatebliss

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I have been giving intuitive insight since I was a child. Everyone said I was an old soul or wise for my age. My mother and family has told me since I was 9 I should be a counselor. Please.. I am new to this community, so please give me a try and leave a review. :)


We are all blessed to be on a journey and to be in God's grace on this Earth. Let us walk in love, light, and harmony.

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