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About Omniscient Love's Services:

Have you seen something that you have yet to understand? Then let me clear your mind to see what is really going on with you and your connection to the universe.

Online Universal Chat Readings

Omniscient Love is a transcendental guide and healer that is here to help transform your life and free your restricting belief systems and cycles that may be hindering your growth. Universal Conscious automatic writing and speech is utilized.

It’s time to see past the same restricting patterns and beliefs and manifest a relationship and life worth relating to. Stop the worries, and what if’s and focus on what you want to become and who you want within your life. Problems arise with family, friends, associates, career and mates but why see it as problems start to see it as a part of your life that you want to change. With change comes the evolution of choices, so lets work together and make a choice that is worth making. Remember that time holds no restriction for you are time and time is just a combination of choices and actions, so lets change our perceptions, change our lives, look within, and grow.

What is an Intuitive Reading?

An intuitive reading is an answering guide to your questions. All questions are answered through the eternal being that is within all that exists in which increases your will to multiply the clarity within your system, your understanding, and your life's goals and or ambitions.

How do I prepare for a Reading?

Be specific and do not play test games so you could get the most from your reading. Please create a list of specific questions and open your mind, and heart to receive the answer. I will begin the reading with what is most needed for you to hear while answering your questions.

How do you receive intuitive information, what methods do you use?

I do not use any form of divination, I interpret energy through my connection with existence to correspond with your being to produce your answers. I however cannot guarantee that all information that you are given will not subjectively change for the point of each reading is to help improve your life through awareness and transformation.

Experience & Qualifications

BA: Psychology

Energy Healer, Intuitive, and Universal Conscious Channeler

Universal Conscious automatic writing and speech is utilized.

Reading Style: Compassionate, Straightforward, and Inspirational.

*Specific dates are not used for it is restricted and based on ones choices and actions.*

Relationships (family, romantic, love life, children, consciousness)

Marriage (troubled, communication, home life, roles)

Dreams (meaning, interpretation, understanding, growth)

Careers (advancement, change, direction)

Fear (beliefs, thoughts, past struggles, abuse, energy blockages)

Spiritual & Psychic growth (expand your mind and your abilities)

Paranormal (anything obscure that is not within mainstream talk-see beyond the unknown). Some topics to discuss are extraterrestrial life, orbs, guides, spirits, death, birth, energy, transference, unexplained occurrence, UFO, visions, astral projection, channeling, and more…

**The guidance or support that you receive is within your vortex and electromagnetic fields and while seeking the best suitable way for you to reach enlightenment/understanding your own being communicates within Cynthia's field to produce advice/answers that would best suit your interest to adjust and shift your overall awareness.**


Astral Projection, Higher Self, Extraterrestrial contact, Galactic Community, Relationships, Life Guidance, Self Doubt, History of Life/ Existence, What is channeling?, Out of Body and Near death, How do I become a Healer?, Physical and Emotional Balance, Confronting, accepting, and releasing the past, Vortex advancement through Understanding, True Partner, Dimensions as methods, Acceptance of self, and much more...

Questions Clients have Asked:

  • Is there a long-term future with the person I'm with right now?

  • How does he/she really feel about me or what happened?

  • I feel lost, why am I even here?

  • How can I learn to increase my intuitive abilities, what methods would be best?

  • What am I benefiting from this relationship, is there even a point anymore?

  • I am moving out of state, how will my new location fit into my life?

  • I feel like I am loosing my mind. I cannot control my thoughts; it is hard to sleep at night. Can you help me?

  • Why was my bed shaking last night while I was sleep and why couldn't I wake up?


"I've never had this type of reading before and it felt like she was actually reading not just guessing or making it up... I feel she knew and saw a lot of things, everything was on point, a very compassionate lady, wants to see you happy, and guides you, was very grateful. Thank you so much for your help" by Parathy

"There's so many things to learn from Cynthia. It was really amazing to have someone so positive in the readings. I believe she's the BEST out of all the readers here. Cynthia has really enlightened me, and taught me how to be myself and understand myself better! It was such a joy and blessing chatting with her. I'll definitely be coming back for another reading soon!! :) "

"Cynthia is such a sweetie with amazing abilities! She's able to decipher what I couldn't explain through words. She managed to widen my horizons beyond my own limits. It was that incredible & I definitely enjoyed chatting with her. She's absolutely accurate, caring, insightful & so clear about everything. Definitely will be coming back for another reading!! xxx" by Grace

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