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I've seen UFOs since I was a kid. I even once visited one of them in my astral journey. Lets talk about them.

While we are sleeping, our mind wander and explore other realities that are divorce in our ordinary frame of mind. Some dreams are symbolic and precognitive. Symbolic dreams can be interpreted by dream experts, or someone who has great experience in dream decoding. Dreams can be the basis of one's big decision or choosing life's path. Precognitive dreams are real, they will manifest in the physical in full detail.

Experience & Qualifications

On the year 1995, I've started doing signature reading intuitively. All my dreams and my words were came in to reality. I always dreamed of flying and soon realized them as my astral journeys. I visited remote places, outer space, and met aliens, angels, giants, elemental, among others. I worked as an engineer in an industrial company in my home City, then after four years, I decided to quit and concentrate on my attributes as an evolving soul. There are mysterious events in my life that were happened and they triggered my desire to focus on psychic and spiritual stuff. I intuitively learned mystical things and various realities in this world. I frequently travel locally to render my psychic services and lectures. I am also a freelance writer.


I am the founder of Celestial Mind Development Center in the Philippines and a mechanical Engineer by profession. A master energy-magnetic Healer, book writer magazine columnist, and a Psychic counselor / consultant.

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